Backpacks Eat More Sports Forms Every Year

So many sports forms get lost in backpacks each year. We have a way to end that.



Can I order the traditional way?

Yes.  You can still send in the sports form with the student.  For you nothing changes.

What about the online specials?

Online specials are just that – online.  There will always be a bonus for ordering online.  

Online orders need to be completed before picture day to qualify for the special.

Can I order after the event?

Yes and No.

Yes you can order after the event.  Shipping and tax may be added depending on timing.  If it has been more than a week, then it might be best to call us directly.

The only time you cannot order is when an image was not taken. Sometimes, despite our instructions, students don’t get an individual taken. It may be possible to come by the studio for a quick shot to be added, but again, it might be best to call us directly.


Loved them – I need more?

Go to the reorder section. You will add what you want and indicate the number from the form that was returned in your envelope.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us.